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2022 Int’l Youth Day Convention: Oba Oluyede, his Olori inaugurate ‘Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard’


Aug 23, 2022
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….Why my Community is the most blessed —Oba Oluyede

…..Ila Orangun monarch Says his town will emulate the vision

On the occasion of the 2022 International Youth Day Convention held on Saturday 20th August at Ayede Ogbese in Akure North local government area of Ondo State, the Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard has been  officially inaugurated by the Alayede of Ayede Ogbese, Oba Ajibola Oluyede, Ise Oluwa II and his Queen, Olori Olufunmilayo Nejo-Oluyede.

This is part of clear vision of the traditional ruler and his Olori to boost capacity of youths in the Community.

Comrade Olayiwola Taiwo Samuel was sworn in as the Pioneer President of the Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard, alongside other executives at the event witnessed by eminent Nigerians.

The keynote address was delivered by Asiwaju Dr. Michael Afolayan, Head of Department, Faculty of Law, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti and Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State on the universal theme – ‘Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages’.

While delivering his address, Dr. Afolayan appreciated the Monarch and Olori Oluyede for inviting him to the splendour of their Royal Ranch to speak to great minds – the future of Ayede Ogbese, Ondo State, Nigeria and indeed, the future of the world, dwelling richly on youths as catalyst to creating a world habitable for all ages and the concept of intergenerational solidarity.

In an address, a foremost Royal Father from Osun State, the Orangun of Oke Ila-Orangun, HRM Oba Adedokun Abolarin described the Alayede of Ayede Ogbese, Oba Ajibola Oluyede, Ise Oluwa II and his Queen, Olori Olufunmilayo Nejo-Oluyede as worthy and distinguished leaders and blessing to the town.

Orangun declared with awesome admiration, that he was fascinated by the developmental strides of the duo in Ayede Ogbese community, Ondo State and Nigeria at large and vowed to emulate and replicate same in his kingdom at Ila-Orangun.

Oba Adedokun Abolarin who was the Royal Father and Chairman of occasion at the 2022 International Youth Day Convention, lauded the Monarch and his Queen for their vision and myriad philanthropic gestures in Ayede Ogbese, describing them as shinning lights to the community.

According to him, in just months into their reign, “the positive impact of Oba Oluyede and his Olori Olufunmilayo, has been generally acknowledged and commended in and outside Nigeria.

In commemoration of 2022 United Nations International Youth Day, this laudable event (the first of its kind in the history of Ayede Ogbese community), was organized under the auspices of HRM Oba Ajibola Oluyede and Olori Olufunmi Oluyede to unite youths in Ayede Ogbese in exciting celebration of their potentials as invaluable partners in today’s global society.

In his address on his vision for Ayede Ogbese youths, HRM Oba Ajibola Oluyede acknowledged Ayede Ogbese as the most resourcefully blessed community in Nigeria with multifaceted potentials in agriculture and other natural resources.

The full text of Kabiyesi’s address reads thus:

“I welcome our Chairman HRM Oba Adedokun Abolarin, Orangun of Oke Ila and other Royal fathers here today.”.

“My Wife, Olori Olufunmi Oluyede and I are highly appreciative of the efforts all have made to be here today for this important event. Thank you so much for being here”.

“As many know, or are starting to realise, Ayede Ogbese is one of the most resourcefully blessed places in Nigeria with the potential (in Agriculture and other natural resources) to create a major economy and environment for the development and sustenance of the burgeoning population residing in this territory and beyond”.

“It is estimated that about 70% of the Nigerian population (of 206 million people) are below 40 years of age”.

“Respected statistics indicate that young people (Nigerians between the ages of 15 and 35 years) currently constitute over 42% of the Population.

“Unfortunately, until recently, the repressive political and security system had kept the young people from really fulfilling their potentials. Years of military rule by uneducated and visionless leaders have impaired the potential that the youth should provide for Nigeria.

“However, it appears that the time for the liberty of the youths in Nigeria has come. Technology in the new Information and communication age, has set the minds of young people free and with access to new knowledge and learning, many have brought innovation into play and created success stories that the country can be proud of.

“Nollywood and Afrobeats present examples of what young people are capable of doing when properly motivated and guided. We have also seen financial successes by young people such as in Fintech company, Paystack, created by two young Nigerians, which was recently bought from them by another company for $200 million.

“The Nigerian economy, despite its mediocre management, continues to be the leading economy in Africa with the potential to be a world leader. Yet, young people in Nigeria still operate in ignorance and allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder by irresponsible political opportunists who recruit them into armed militia and use them to destabilize the country.

“The Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard is set up as a platform for partnership between the youths in the kingdom and the administration of the kingdom. The idea that youths are meant to be antagonistic towards authority and orderliness is another of the many lies used by opportunists to obstruct progress.

Ayede Ogbese youths are not antagonistic to the traditional authority or the vision currently being pursued for the development of the kingdom by the Monarchy.

“The Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard (AOYV) is evidence of this. It is a brand new organization recently introduced to the youths and yet, the vision, as articulated by its midwives, has excited the entire youth population who desire a positive change in the kingdom.

Young people have joined this organization eagerly, aspired and contested for the offices in the leadership of the association and today this brand new entity, the Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard (AOYV) stands as the platform of unity for all youth in the kingdom and a symbol of the partnership between the monarchy and the youth.

“The Monarchy in Ayede Ogbese believes that its mission is to ensure that the youths of the kingdom achieve their potentials and become assets and pillars of the society in their own rights.

“This association is therefore a joint initiative of the monarchy and the leaders of the youth associations in the kingdom.

“The young people in Ayede Ogbese had hitherto fragmented into ethnic and religious groupings, creating unnecessary tensions and an atmosphere of unhealthy competition.

The Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard seeks to make this diversity an asset and a catalyst for development. The Youth Vanguard therefore creates one platform for all the youth to operate on.

“The Youth Vanguard will work in accordance and cooperation with the United Nations 2030 Youth Strategy, which recognizes that “the central aspect of Security Council Resolutions 2250 (2015) and 2419 (2018), [is the acknowledgement] that young people play an important and positive role in the realization of sustainable development, in the prevention of crises and in the advancement of peace.

“The Monarchy in Ayede Ogbese similarly recognizes and accepts that the youth have important roles to play in the realization of sustainable development, prevention of crisis and advancement of peace.

“At no other time in the history of our country, Nigeria, have the young people been more needed to play these roles. Nigeria is currently besieged from within and without by various types of security threats that could explode into major civil wars that in turn would impede any economic growth. Our youths must be engaged now to understand what is at stake and how their future in a peaceful and prospering society can be safeguarded now.

“The Youth Vanguard will work with existing organs of government (at all levels) and civil society to achieve set objectives in security, environmental protection, commerce and industry, fundamental human rights, education, etc.

“The Youth Vanguard’s constitution (which is already available and displayed for sale today) proposes a collegiate leadership by the Executive Council, led by its President. Each officer however, has a separate mandate and terms of engagement. It is expected that the 11 officers will work through committees of members of the Youth Vanguard to achieve their targets.

“With this efficient structure in place in Ayede Ogbese, we have no doubt that international recognition and cooperation will become feasible. We therefore invite our State Government and the Nigeria Federal Government to get involved in the affairs of our youth through the Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard.

“In conclusion, I am very optimistic about the future of this country and our kingdom because of the innate qualities of the Nigerian youth. A lot of negative stereotypes have been developed but it is clear to me that good leadership, guidance and education is what our youth need to show their true colors of greatness.

“The Ayede Ogbese Youth Vanguard will lead the way in helping Nigeria’s youth break the limitations and restrictions circumstances had placed on them,” the monarch said.


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